ground1 [ground]
[ME grund < OE, ground, bottom, akin to Ger grund, ON grunnr: for IE base see GRIND]
a) Obs. the lowest part, base, or bottom of anything
b) the bottom of a body of water
2. the surface of the earth, specif. the solid surface
3. the soil of the earth; earth; land
a) any particular piece of land; esp., one set aside for a specified purpose [a hunting ground]
b) [pl.] land surrounding or attached to a house or other building; esp., the lawns, garden, etc. of an estate
5. any particular area of reference, discussion, work, etc.; topic; subject [arguments covering the same ground]
6. [often pl.] basis; foundation
7. the logical basis of a conclusion, action, etc.; valid reason, motive, or cause often used in pl.
8. the background or surface over which other parts are spread or laid, as the main surface of a painting
9. [pl.] the particles that settle to the bottom of a liquid; dregs; sediment [coffee grounds]
10. Elec.
a) a conducting body (as the earth, or an object connected with the earth) whose potential is taken as zero and to which an electric circuit can be connected
b) the connection of an electrical conductor with a ground
c) a device, as a stake, iron pipe, etc., that makes such a connection
1. of, on, or near the ground
2. growing or living in or on the ground
3. Football designating the part of the offensive game plan using running plays
1. to set on, or cause to touch, the ground
2. to cause (a ship, etc.) to run aground
3. to found on a firm basis; establish
4. to base (a claim, argument, etc.) on something specified
5. to instruct (a person) in the elements or first principles of
6. to provide with a background
a) to keep (an aircraft or pilot) from flying
b) Informal to punish (a young person, esp. a teenager) by not permitting him or her to leave home to engage in social activity
8. Elec. to connect (an electrical conductor) to a ground
9. Football to throw or knock (an opposing player) to the ground
1. to strike the bottom or run ashore: said of a ship
2. Baseball
a) to hit a grounder
b) to be put out on a grounder: usually with out
3. Football to throw an incomplete pass intentionally, to avoid being sacked
break ground
1. to dig; excavate
2. to plow
3. to start building
4. to start any undertaking
break new ground
to innovate or pioneer
cover ground
1. to move or traverse a certain distance
2. to make a certain amount of progress
cut the ground from under someone or cut the ground from under someone's feet
to deprive someone of effective defense or argument
☆ from the ground up
from the first or elementary principles, methods, etc. to the last or most advanced; completely; thoroughly
gain ground
1. to move forward
2. to make progress
3. to gain in strength, extent, popularity, etc.
☆ get off the ground
to get (something) started; begin or cause to begin to make progress
give ground
to withdraw under attack; retreat; yield
go to ground
Chiefly Brit. to go into hiding or seclusion
hold one's ground or stand one's ground
to keep one's position against attack or opposition; not withdraw or retreat
lose ground
1. to drop back; fall behind
2. to lose in strength, extent, popularity, etc.
on delicate ground
in a situation requiring tact
on firm ground
1. in a safe situation
2. firmly supported by facts or evidence
on one's own ground
1. dealing with a situation or subject that one knows well
2. at home
☆ run into the ground
Informal to do too long or too often; overdo
shift one's ground
to change one's argument or defense
suit right down to the ground or suit down to the ground
Informal to suit completely
ground2 [ground]
vt., vi.
pt. & pp. of GRIND

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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